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Ideas and innovations for the European Union

Idea management is the key instrument in organizations and enterprises to develop ideas and to achieve targeted improvements.

Sixty years after the Treaty of Rome, peace and prosperity in the EU are at stake every day. The member states and citizens of the European Union face the challenge of how they can improve their living and working conditions on their own. This is possible if people in the EU contribute to improving the present with their ideas and their implementation.

Idea management is a key instrument for a positive future development of the EU, supported by the citizens themselves.

Ideas Europe supports the member states of the EU and their neighbouring countries in
- knowledge transfer for idea management
- qualification and competence development of people interested in idea management
- implementation of idea management projects in governmental and non-governmental organizations and companies

Ideas Europe thus contributes to the development of the future viability of the European Union as a historically unique example of a peace and prosperity union for its citizens and businesses.